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Best Places to Buy a Cellphone
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Publish-date-icon August 2, 2012
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Everywhere you appear you can find a cellphone shop! But, why is a great place to buy a cellphone is the information you obtain and the people you deal with. I just want to talk about some places I've personally shopped and the experience I encountered. And hopefully it will help you discover the best place to purchase a cellphone.

First, I'll say you should try to avoid corporate stores in general. The main reason I say the reason being usually they are overpriced and the information you receive is very biased of course. They typically cannot tell you if you are on the very best plan around. They merely determine if you are on their best plan. And, mail in rebates are not fun for almost all people! In my opinion though many of the associates, as nice as some were, are not very educated on their own products, I've met several that were and were very useful.

Second, I would encourage you to definitely shop at "third party retailers". Fundamental essentials places such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Radioshack, and Target Mobile. Each one of these places do just about everything a company store does, but get it done for less money on the phones and no mail in rebates. Another huge advantage they offer is typically they offer several carrier at a time. Usually they offer a combination of all the major carriers, i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Here you are able to compare and make sure you are on the best plan for all the reasons you deem important. All of the plans are identical and the warranties are identical. All the carriers back the phones the same as should you purchased it from the corporate store itself. And unlike conversations I've had the phones third parties carry aren't refurbished or use different towers. All the phones I've bought have been new and employ the same towers my old phone did, my coverage stayed exactly the same or got better. Additionally they offer programs to safeguard your phone that are different but possess a little more value in position. For example most cover accidents and take the manufacture warranties into the second year. Incidents where cover free battery replacement, like Radioshack's and Target Mobile's do. So, where is where to buy a cellphone?


Let's first discuss Sam's Club and Walmart. Both of these places are nice if you're searching to find the phone you want cheap. We all know about their buying power and also the ways they are able to save us money! This is an excellent thing, but what you should be trading is usually a very knowledgeable staff. They usually are just their typical hourly employees who receive enough training to activate the phones for you personally and give you the basic details. If you're the kind of buyer who's just inside it in order to save a penny, they might be the first places I would look. Most Walmarts provide a mixture of AT&T and Verizon, mixed in with Sprint in many locations. Additionally they do prepaids.

Best Buy is yet another spot to visit buy cellphones. What I found there was good prices but few associates that understand what they are doing. The one I visited they just called someone over who couldn't tell me anything without visiting the brochure. When I returned though there is one individual who did know their stuff and was very helpful. So like Walmart and Sam's they've department people helping and hopefully you will get the great one. They did offer a bigger phone selection than Radioshack and Target Mobile but the service was not quite as good.

So far as Radioshack goes it appears they mix a nice combination of savings and knowledge. They provide AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. My knowledge about Radioshack has been quite good. Most of the staff appears to really know their products and provide some good understanding of saving cash on plans. Additionally they sell prepaids and you will choose whats best for you.


Target Mobile has probably been my best experience up to now. They are a company venture between Radioshack and Target. These folks only do the agreement phones for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. In certain locations it's Sprint rather than T-mobile (you can call ahead to discover what carriers they offer). When it came to selecting a plan we ranged from prepaid to agreement phones, finding the best solution. It was nice because they do not handle the prepaids but seem to want to do the very best for you personally. Probably originates from the prospective side of the marriage. The phones were very inexpensive, we managed to save around $70 per phone and no mail in rebates. To finish it off they found me a discount for my plan, nobody asked that question, not really the corporate stores. Which was the deciding element in us likely to Target Mobile.

To wrap it up all these places offer inexpensive phones and all sorts of the plans, and depending on the type of shopper you're you can find what you want. But, I think overall the best place to buy a cellphone was Target Mobile. They also have a trade in program that appears to be a little much better than the others. There are more places to shop for the best cellphones, however these would be the places I've personally visited and can give you a heads up. These places seem to be the bigger of all of the shops available and i believe Target Mobile may be the largest with over 1500 stores. So wherever you live there is a Target close by.

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